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Skills of bargain

By Robert
At Feb 17, 2015

You can bargain for most anything in China. From shoes and bananas to hotel room prices but usually not in large stores or restaurants (unless they offer you a discount, then you know to bargain). If you do bargain, start at about 50% of the original price, and you’ll be shocked at how many times you”ll get it for that.
When quoting a price, you can expect people to get as much as they think you think its worth. Foreigners are susceptible to paying too much as they don’t realize how low prices really are in China. You need to have a realistic idea in your head what something is worth – in China.
Bargaining is a friendly, social art. Don’t feel bad or shy about stating your price. Also never feel bad you might be going to low. Sometimes its necessary to counter an offer of 800 with 50 or 75 in order to settle on 110.
If a local Chinese is buying what you want, watch the transaction of cash and see how much is paid.