Renting Apartment in Guangzhou: How to Negotiate on the Asking Price

By Robert
At Jan 23, 2019

How much can I negotiate? Strictly speaking, the discount on asking prices is 10%, but actual reductions can vary wildly between zero and over 40% – it really is case-by-case.(rent apartment in guangzhou is not cheap actully,so you must do your best to negotitate for the price) Although the renters agent will usually advise them […]


NewLife now starts a coupon activity ! $500 USD

By Robert
At Oct 29, 2018

Celebration of Newlife’s 10th Anniversary !


Newlife’s 10th Anniversary is about to come. In order to send our gratitude to new and old customers, Newlife now starts a coupon activity :

A coupon for renting a house worth 3000CNY.


◆ Successful rental in Newlife can deduct the rental commission.

◆ One coupon for one rental contract.

◆ You can ask us for the coupon number by the following two methods:

1.Add the staff’s WeChat “18028560957” or scan the WeChat QR code below.

2.Send SMS “COUPON” to mobile phone “0086-18028560957”.




Why foreigners rent apartments in guangzhou with Newlife Real Estate?

By Robert
At Mar 11, 2018

There are hundreds of Real Estate business in the Guangzhou area. Located street side they are easy to find. They list the prices not only for apartments rent, but also for purchase. It is advised when searching for an apartment to bring along a Chinese and or Chinese speaking person. This will ensure that the […]


Information for applying the temporary residence certificate

By Robert
At Jul 23, 2017

A better life in Guangzhou|Canton Local Resource Guide

When you come to Guangdong with tourist visa or business visa, you must go to the local police station near your living space(if you are living in hotel, just go to the hotel reception, But don’t forget to ask the hotel put their stamp on the form! ) to register your information in detail within 2 days. It’s easy and free. Then you can get this Registration Form. ( As the policy of Guangdong immigration bureau, we recommend you to register and get this form. and also for the foreigner who live in Guangdong, please notice when you leave China and come back or move to a new living place, you have to renew this form )’

Applicants should provide the documents as follows,

1.The original passport, the copy of the first page and the lastest visa
2.One two-inch color photo
3.The copy of the landlord’s house ownership certificate
4.The ID card copy of the landlord
5.The copy of the tenancy contract:
The contract much contain the name of the applicant.And the contract must be issued by the rental department.If the apartment is provided by your company,you should ask your company to write a letter to prove the apartment is rent for you.
All the documents mentioned above are required for each person,and all the documents should be copied in A4paper.

Tips: If you register yourself too late, maybe the police will charge you fine. Please notice
as the regulation, the fine is from minimum 50RMB up to maximum 500RMB.You can
negotiate about it to reach a lower amount. Alternatively, another smart way to get this
form is check in a Hotel for 1 night, then you can go to the hotel reception to register
yourself and get this form. But don’t forget to ask the hotel put their stamp on the form!



How to Apply for a Visa Extension in China—LIVING GUIDE

By Robert
At Jul 08, 2017

Want to continue your study or work life in China? Then the next thing you need to do is to apply for an extension to your Chinese visa. How to apply for such service in China, and what are the requirements?
Foreigners who want to stay in China beyond what their current visa allowance need to apply for an extension to their visa with appropriate reasons. The extension application should be made at the municipal public security bureau 7 days before the visa expires. Multiple visas cannot be extended.
Relevant documents needed
Foreigners who wish to apply for extension or alteration of visas or certificates need to provide the relevant documents:
1) A valid passport and visa as well as the documents regarding accommodation registration
2) A fully completed application form for extension or alternation
3) Documents and papers supporting reasons for extension or alternation Note:
For people of different status, the requirements can be various.
Holding official letters of office of students abroad、students’ passports and residence permits, process it within the valid period of residence permits of students, for 90 days per extension.
Critical patients
Bring with medical certificates of critical condition provided by hospitals to apply for extension.
Foreigners with international marriage between Chinese
Chinese citizens’ foreign spouses must provide marriage certificates, originals and copies of inhabitant registration cards and the I.D. cards of their Chinese spouses; the duration for the extension is 3 month and it can be extended for three times. What’s more, continuing apply for extension after stay over one year, one must submit a written application
Dependents of embassy officials
The dependents of embassy officials must provide the letters of embassy to apply visas.
Foreigners who are disallowed to extend
1) Foreigners whose duration of stay is shortened and those whose residence right are deprived
2) Individual travelers who have no sufficient traveling expenses
3) Family visitors who has no special reason for extension when their visa expires

General Notes
It is vital that you have the necessary documents with you when you travel to China otherwise entry will be denied.
Fees for visas can vary from one country to another but details can be obtained from the web site of the Chinese Embassy in your country.
Overseas visa authorities are: Chinese Embassies, consulates, visa offices, the consular department of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in HKSAR and other agencies abroad authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.



Guangzhou Satellite Tv Let U Watch Your Native(foreign language) TV programs in Guangzhou

By Robert
At Mar 11, 2016
This time we’re going to talk about Guangzhou Satellite Tv Let U Watch Your Native(foreign language) TV programs in Guangzhou.

China has thousands of TV stations, national / provincial and local. While Beijing local cable TV network offers around 60 channels, with over 10 CCTV channels, one “Satellite TV Station” from each province and some Beijing local channels like BTV-Beijing TV Stations. Nationally only two channels are broadcasted in English: CCTV-4 and CCTV-9. There are no international channels in this cable TV package ( in fact it’s the only package available). Subscription to all these channels costs RMB 216 a year. Some good hotels and apartment buildings offer their residences int’l channels via independent dish systems, most likely the channels are HBO Asia, Star Movies, CNN, BBC World, DW-TV, NHK, TV5, Star Sports, ESPN, maybe more channels like AXN and NGC. It’s different from place to place. You can ask the property owner or your agent what channels are you going to have and how much you should pay before you move in. Satellite TV has exploded in popularity in the last few years. Gone are the days when satellite TV meant installing a huge expensive dish on the rooftop. Instead, drive through any neighborhood and you’re likely to see small gray dishes clinging to rooftops or balconies pointed to the sky, ranging from 0.45m in diameter to 1.5m in diameter. While most of the dishes are around 0.55m in diameter, depending on which way it’s facing. To install a personal satellite dish seems to be a good idea:

1. You are not living in a building with some existing int’l TV channels while you still prefer them.

2. You want more int’l TV channels/options.

3. You want better picture and sound quality over cable.

The popular English satellite TV packages in guangzhou

1. Super IPTV Package

Language: English, German, France, Spanish, Italian…
Installation Conditions: internet connections and over 2 Mbps ADSL
【Advantage: The Best Int’l TV Channels & Needn’t Dish Installation】
66+ TV Channels: HBO HD, Cinemax, Star Movies HD, Diva Universal, BBC World, CNN, FOX News, CNBC, Bloomberg, Channel NewsAsia, ESPN HD, Star sports southeast asia, live EPL, Super Soccer, Golf HD, J sports, EuroSport, Goal TV1, Goal TV2, Disney, Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Star world HD, AXN, Discovery World SE Asia, Nat Geo, History, Bio, Crime & Investigation, FOX, FX, Fox Crime, Euro News, , Neo Cricket, Animal Planet, 2nd Avenue, Movies Plus, Fox Movies, JESPN, Discovery T&L, Australia network, DW TV, TV5, TVE, RAI Ital

2. DishHD Package

Language: English, Taiwanese, German, Korean..
Dish Size & Direction: 0.55 m, Facing Southeast
【Advantage: Best Pictures Quality

60+ TV Channels: HBO HD, Star Movies HD, Cinemax Asia, CNN HD, Fox News Channel, Bloomberg, Channel News Asia, NHL Network USA, All Sports Network, Golf HD, NBA TV, Star World HD, National Geographic Channel HD, Discovery HD World NE Asia, Australia Network, DW TV(Ger), Disney, Playhouse Disney, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, FX HD Asia, Fox HD Asia, Nat Geo Wild HD Asia, Discovery Home & Health SE Asia, HBO Hits, HBO Family Asia, HBO Signature Asia, Baby First TV, KidsCo Asia, Discovery Science, The MGM Channel Asia, Dish HD, Da Ai 2, Luxe TV HD, Turbo SE Asia, OBS, Unitel Calsica Asia, I-concerts, Food Network HD Asia, Phoenix Info, CTiTV News, TVBS News, Phoenix, SET Inernational, TVBS, ETTV Asia, Shorts, TVBS G, CCTV Story, CCTV Finance, CNC World, ETTV YoYo, Warner TV, KMTV, tvN, LiTV, Barker…

3. Sky Choice Package

Language: English, French…
Dish Size & Direction: 1.0 m, Facing Southwest
【Advantage: The best TV Package】
60 TV Channels: HBO Asia, Star Movies, Cinemax, HBO Hits, HBO Family, HBO Signature, MGM, TCM, Fox Movie, Diva Universal, CNN Int’l, BBC World, CNBC, Bloomberg, NHK World, TV5, Phoenix InfoNews, ESPN Asia, Star Sports Southeast Asia, True Sport 1, True Sport 2, True Sport 3, True Sport 4, True Sport 5, True Sport 6, True Sport Extra, Golf Channel, Star Soccer, Football, T Sport, Trace Sport, Star World, Traveling & Living, AXN Asia, AXN Beyond, FOX Asia, E! , Super Entertainment, tvN, Disney, Disney Junior, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Animax, Discovery, Nat Geo, History, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery Home & Health, Discovery Turbo, Very TV, Channel V…

4. Cignal TV Package

Language: English, Philippines..
Dish Size & Direction: 0.75m, Facing Southwest
20+ TV Channels: HBO Asia, CNN, Star Movies, ESPN, Star Sports, The History Channel, Cinemax Asia, Cartoon Network Philippines, ETC, Bio Asia, Basketball TV, Viva Cinemax, Solar TV, Disney Channel, DZRH TV, ABS-CBN, Q, NBN, PBO, Cignal PPV, Net25, IBC13, GMA 7, TV5(Philippines), Studio 23…

5. HBOCN Package

Language: English, French, Chinese..
Dish Size & Direction: 0.45m, Facing Southeast
32+ TV Channels: HBO Asia, CNN Int’l, BBC World, TV5 Monde Asie, NHK World Premium, Eurosport News, Phoenix -Infonews, Channel NewAsia, Cinemax Asia, Star Movies, Diva Universal Asia, TCM, Phoenix Movies, ESPN Asia, Star Sports Asia, Horizon Channel, TVB 8, Celestial Movies, China Entertainment TV, MTV China, Macau Asia Satellite TV, Cubavisión Internacional, Bloomberg TV Asia, NOW, Channels V, KBS world, Living Asia, Discovery Channel, NGC, TVB Xinghe…

6. Gsat HD Package

Language: English, Philippines, Taiwanese..
Dish Size & Direction: 0.55m, Facing Southwest
34+ TV Channels: HBOHD, ESPN HD, Discovery HD, Fox Movie HD, Star World HD, Nat Geo Wild HD, Outdoor HD, Fasnion One, Star Movies, AXN, Fox News, Bloomberg, Nickelodeon, Animal Planet, MGM, History Channel, National Geographic, Cinemax Asia, ETC, AXN, CNN Int’l Asia, Cartoon Network, Bio Asia, Neo Cricket, ABS-CBN, ABC5, GMA7, Studio23, GPC, GNN, GMA News TV, Pinoy Extreme, TVBS-N, TVE, NHK World, Phoenix…

Be careful of dealers’tricks

Some not-so-honest dealers may play tricks on your access card and/or receiver. Most common ones are like: 
1. Subscription time shortage (legit subscription) 
2. Giving you a one shot receiver/card then disappear. Some even took away the receiver from customer’s home by telling them that they need to rewrite the card or something like that before they disappear. 
3. No satisfactory after-sales services or charge customers each time even though they promised free services before. So make sure you are dealing with an honest person.

----THE END----
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