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How to Apply for a Visa Extension in China—LIVING GUIDE

By Robert
At Jul 08, 2017

Want to continue your study or work life in China? Then the next thing you need to do is to apply for an extension to your Chinese visa. How to apply for such service in China, and what are the requirements?
Foreigners who want to stay in China beyond what their current visa allowance need to apply for an extension to their visa with appropriate reasons. The extension application should be made at the municipal public security bureau 7 days before the visa expires. Multiple visas cannot be extended.
Relevant documents needed
Foreigners who wish to apply for extension or alteration of visas or certificates need to provide the relevant documents:
1) A valid passport and visa as well as the documents regarding accommodation registration
2) A fully completed application form for extension or alternation
3) Documents and papers supporting reasons for extension or alternation Note:
For people of different status, the requirements can be various.
Holding official letters of office of students abroad、students’ passports and residence permits, process it within the valid period of residence permits of students, for 90 days per extension.
Critical patients
Bring with medical certificates of critical condition provided by hospitals to apply for extension.
Foreigners with international marriage between Chinese
Chinese citizens’ foreign spouses must provide marriage certificates, originals and copies of inhabitant registration cards and the I.D. cards of their Chinese spouses; the duration for the extension is 3 month and it can be extended for three times. What’s more, continuing apply for extension after stay over one year, one must submit a written application
Dependents of embassy officials
The dependents of embassy officials must provide the letters of embassy to apply visas.
Foreigners who are disallowed to extend
1) Foreigners whose duration of stay is shortened and those whose residence right are deprived
2) Individual travelers who have no sufficient traveling expenses
3) Family visitors who has no special reason for extension when their visa expires

General Notes
It is vital that you have the necessary documents with you when you travel to China otherwise entry will be denied.
Fees for visas can vary from one country to another but details can be obtained from the web site of the Chinese Embassy in your country.
Overseas visa authorities are: Chinese Embassies, consulates, visa offices, the consular department of the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in HKSAR and other agencies abroad authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.



Top Six Tips for Chinese Beginners

By Robert
At Mar 17, 2013

Do you worry about how to communicate with local people in Chinese when you staying in China? Take it easy,please refer to the following listed daily phrases in Chinese conversation. Hope it will help you.
1、 您好(nínhǎo)!Hello / 唯 (Wéi) = Hello (on the phone)
2、 请(qǐng)! Please
3、 对不起(duìbuqǐ)。Sorry
4、 谢谢(xièxiè)!Thanks
5、 再见(zàijiàn)!See you!
6、 您(nín) 早(zǎo)!Good morning!
7、 晚安(wǎnān)!Good night!
8、 请问(qǐngwèn) 您(nín) 贵姓(guìxìng)?What’s your name?
9、 请(qǐng) 原谅(yuánliàng)! Forgive me, please!
10、不用(búyòng)谢(xiè)!You are welcome.
11、没关系(méiguānxi)!Never mind.
12、欢迎(huānyíng) 您(nín) 光临(guānglín)! Welcome!
13、请坐(qǐngzuò)!Please sit down.
14、请(qǐng) 喝茶(hēchá)!Have a cup of tea!

15、哇 (Wà) = Wow
16、酷 (Kù) = Cool/awesome
17、什麼時候? (Shénme shíhou?) = when?
18、你在哪裡? (Nǐ zài nǎlǐ?) = Where are you?
19、請問您是哪位? (Qǐngwèn nín shì nǎ wèi?) = May I ask who’s speaking?

1. Learn 20 new words each week, then you will have about 960 more works learned in a year. You can practice writing and reading new words each day,and you will grasp new words more quickly and easily.

2. Learn 3 simple and useful sentences each day. Just like Chinese daily conversations,chinese proverb. Remember, learn the simple and useful sentences,don’t learn the complex sentence at beginning.

3. Listen to the tapes of Chinese daily conversations when you have a spare time or an half hour,you’d better listen to Chinese News.

4. Watching TV program “learning Chinese” in CCTV international channel (maybe CCTV channel 9).That channel teach you learn simple chinese sentence and useful conversation.

5. Practice speaking English to Chinese people who can speak Mandarin, and they could corrects your pronunciations. Then you will improve your Chinese pronunciation and conversation and also can learn chinese traditional culture better.

6. Read Chinese book or text in Pinyin, you can learn some new words, and practice your pronunciations. And you learn some new and useful Phrases.